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This report only lists pairs who have played in 6 or more matches. Click here to list all pairs.
Country Teams Event
Pair Datums
Rank Pair Imps Opponent
Avg. Imps
Modified Datum Modified Datum
Per Board
1Patricia Grigson / John McIlrath120-33.08103.31.6145
2Christine Blackledge / Jacqueline Williams123-26.011109.91.2483
3Christine Ledingham / Robyn Geale70-4.0867.81.0601
4Therese Cooper / Sue Grice106-34.01188.91.0107
5Bruce Baguley / Kay Baguley79-33.01162.50.7100
6Susan McMahon / Jenny Sykes57-5.01154.70.6216
7Jim Thatcher / Trish Thatcher60-23.01148.50.5515
8Rae Uptin / Robyn Kennett922.0820.10.3135
9Pat Pepper / Pauline Gray201.01120.70.2350
10Gabrielle Goodsir / Bud Huettig12-
11Phillip Carter / Janice Carter-297.011-25.4-0.2887
12Dot Saxon-Williams / Peta Grice-3524.08-22.8-0.3561
13Cheryl Field / Angela Tilling-4322.011-32.0-0.3641
14Lee Preston / Kerry Wright-5943.011-37.7-0.4289
15Sandra Mackenzie / Lois Dudley-55-15.011-62.7-0.7128
16Sandy Tawa / Jann Thomas-5926.08-45.9-0.7174
17Joyce Giacomelli / Jill Simons-692.011-67.8-0.7707
18Judy Parkinson / Diane McLean-8818.011-78.9-0.8963
19Millie Lindsay / Denise Skinn-46-13.07-52.3-0.9342
20Helen Jones / Rosalie Derrick-885.011-85.3-0.9691
21Gloria Barrett / Mary Royal-7018.07-61.0-1.0888

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